Exhibitions of WPBC2023

As an integral part of WPBC2023, 2023 Power Battery & Green and Low-carbon Mobility Exhibition will be joined by enterprises, suppliers, research institutes, relevant organizations and institutions on R&D, production and manufacturing, sales and technical services in the field of power battery and material, new energy vehicle and key part and component, green mobility and application scenario, swapping facility and industry service, power battery equipment and manufacturing, etc. It is a platform to fully display innovative products and technologies of the upstream and downstream sectors of the power battery and new energy vehicle industry chain.

With pleasure and sincerity, we invite you to honor us with your presence at WPBC2023 and the Power Battery & Green and Low-carbon Mobility Exhibition to renew our friendship, discuss cooperation, pursue shared development, and plan for the future.

Time and Venue
Exhibitor move-in: June 5-8, 2023 (four days)
Exhibition: June 9-12, 2023 (four days)
Exhibitor move-out: 17:30-24:00, June 12, 2023
Hall A & B, Yibin International Exhibition Center
Forms of exhibition
Static display, interactive and engaging experience, and concurrent on-line exhibition.
Size and Layout of the Exhibition


The total on-site exhibition area is 50,000 square meters with eight indoor and outdoor exhibition zones. Concurrent supporting events will be held: “Let’s go” Second Yibin Automobile Shopping Festival, “Let’s drive” New Energy Vehicle Driving Experience Zone, Exhibitor Cooperation and Negotiation Meeting, “Future Ways of Traveling” Teenager Painting Competition, Science Popularization, etc.


The exhibition will be held both on line and in person with in-person static display and interactive and engaging experience; on-line “Cloud Exhibition” will also be held for a direct and short-range experience at the exhibition.


The exhibition will be held both in-door and out-door. The in-door exhibition area is at Hall A (1, 2, and 4) and Hall B (1, 2, and 3); The out-door exhibition area is at the square outside Hall B to the test drive experience of the “New Energy Vehicle Driving Experience Zone” with also the display of “Future Ways of Traveling” Teenager Painting Competition” and the catering area.

Power battery and materials

NEV and key components

Green mobility and application

Charging and swapping facility and industry service

Power battery equipment manufacturing

University and college, research institute, industry organization, insurance and financial institute, consultancy company, etc.

Enterprise and organization at the upper and lower streams of the industry, and energy storage enterprise

Lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium cobalt acid battery, lithium manganate battery, ternary material power battery, solid state battery, fuel cell, sodium ion battery, etc.; battery management system (BMS), battery separator, positive electrode material, negative electrode material, electrolyte and additives, conductive materials, basic lithium salts, surface treatment, structural parts, copper foil, aluminum foil, etc.; waste battery recycling technology and equipment.

Domestic exhibitors
International exhibitors
Audience and events
On-line exhibition
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